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Small Skull Reed Diffuser

Small Skull Reed Diffuser

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4oz Diffuser Kit

  • Thick, high quality clear glass with cork stopper
  • Skull size 2.36w x 3.52h 
  • 120ml diffuser bottle with fragrance oil and reed base
  • 8 Reeds
  • Botanicals (optional)

Use 3-5 reeds for lighter fragrance or 6-8 reeds for a stronger fragrance. Flip the reeds once a week. Each diffuser will last between 3-6 months!


Ghostly Library: Notes of Midnight Plum, Saturn Peaches, Black Violet, Soft Peony, Italian Leather, Patchouli, Vanilla, & Dusty Musk

Lion's Den: Notes of African Marigold, Bergamot, Buchu, Cyclamen, Violet, Moroccan Cedarwood, & Vetiver

Johnny Apple: Notes of Honeycrisp Apples, Woodsy Amber & Patchouli

Lavender Matcha: Notes of Lavender, Sweet Vanilla, Zesty Citrus, Musk, Herbal Green Tea Leaves, Oatmilk & Matcha Powder

Loopty Loops: Blend of Juicy Orange, Ripe Berries, Tangerine, & Sugared Vanilla.

Bright Light: Notes of Fresh Grapefruit, Cassis, Blood Orange, Lily of the Valley, Ozone, Ylang-Ylang, Warm Jasmine, Herbaceous Greens, White Sandalwood, Sheer Amber, & Tahitian Vanilla Bean

Sunday Funday: Refreshing scent of sunflower yuzu and freesia


Diffuser Base & Fragrances:

100% natural diffuser base designed for optimal + clean fragrance throw with no phthalates, parabens, sulfates or petroleum. 

High Quality Fragrance Oils
100% Cruelty-Free
Hand poured with tons of love

CA Prop 65 Compliant

Important information about diffuser:

  • Skull Diffuser glass comes empty with a cork stopper. 
  • Diffuser bottle is filled 75 percent of the way to prevent spilling/overflow
  • Once you have put reeds into diffuser please allow 24-48 hours for your diffuser to be “activated”.

Zomething Strange is not liable for any damages caused by spillages. Please use product as directed!!

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