Collection: Room & Body

SOAPS: Each bar is meticulously crafted and cut by hand. Our full-size bars weigh approximately 3.5 ounces or a little more.

After wrapping each soap in paper and labeling it with ingredients on the back, we seal them in Biolefin, an eco-friendly, plant-based plastic wrap. Please note that images on our website serve as reference only. Despite our best efforts to replicate batches, handmade products may vary slightly from batch to batch.

In adherence to FDA regulations, it's important to note that bath and body companies are not permitted to make health-related claims about beauty products. As I'm not a medical or healthcare professional, I refrain from asserting that my products could have a positive effect on pre-existing physical or mental health conditions. The information provided in my listings primarily focuses on highlighting the properties of the specific ingredients incorporated into the product formulations.

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