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Goddess Wax Melts

Goddess Wax Melts

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These ladies were a treat to create. Mini full bodies, slim and plus sizes... all so very beautiful. We have them bottled up in a heart shaped small glass jars with cork lids. We are offering 2 scents and will also offer refills (sold separately) so you may reuse the glass jars. 


Created with black and white swirls, just like the Greek statues. They smell like Cocoa Butter Cashmere. An intriguing fragrance that combines sweet cocoa butter and coconut. Elegant under notes of cedarwood, jasmine, and rich vanilla complete this unique, lovely blend.

Top notes: Coconut, Amber

Middle notes: Jasmine, Cocoa Butter

Base notes: Cedar Wood, Musk



Created in pastels colors with a scent that has tropical blend of ripe cherries, strawberries, and peaches over a base of smooth vanilla and sandalwood. 

Top notes: Honeydew, Fresh Strawberries, Juicy Peach

Middle notes: Cherries, White Jasmine Petals

Base notes: Creamy Vanilla, Sandalwood


Wax melts are the perfect option for when you have a flame free home or if you just love your wax warmer! Each jar comes with 1.7 oz of soy blended wax melts. Glass jar weighing at 5 oz.

Wax Melt Details

*A soy wax blend made from approximately 52% soy and 48% paraffin
*Highly Scented and Long Lasting 
*High Quality Fragrance Oils
*100% Cruelty-Free
*Hand poured with tons of love

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