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Dino Inspired Wax Melts

Dino Inspired Wax Melts

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Picture this: you, lounging in bliss, surrounded by the incredible aromas that our Dinos have to offer. 🦖✨

With six delightful scents to choose from, it's like stepping into a prehistoric paradise tailored just for you! 🌿🌈

So why wait? Treat yourself to the ultimate sensory adventure and let our cute Dinos whisk you away on a fragrant journey like no other! 🦕🌟

Read scent description carefully before buying!


Snugglesaurus: 🦖🧸 Imagine snuggling up with your favorite teddy bear or blanket as the comforting scent of clean laundry fills the air. It's like wrapping yourself in a warm hug! 

Strawberry Bikers: 🍓🦖 Unleash the Dino Rex within! The blend of ripe strawberries and smooth leather, with hints of exotic woods, vanilla, and musk. It's sophistication in a scent, perfect for those who dare to stand out.

Javaceratops: 🦖☕ It's like enjoying a cozy café experience right in your own home—bold coffee notes mingling with sweet chocolate and coconut, all enhanced by warm hints of maple and vanilla bean. 

Mucusaurus Rex: 🌿🦖 It's like a spa day for your sinuses—just like Vapor Rub, with crisp eucalyptus, camphor, and mint. Join our dino friend and experience the ultimate relief! With every inhale, you'll feel refreshed and revitalized.

Bookish Bronto Corner: 📚🦖 Imagine our dino friend, eagerly joining the book club and diving into a world of captivating stories, surrounded by the rich, luxurious aroma of worn leather, suede, and rosewood. 🌹✨ As he flips through the pages, he's greeted by the delightful scent of aged library books—a complimentary hint that transports him to the heart of a cozy reading nook.

Wild Dino Cheesecake: 🦖🍰 Savor the perfect blend of fresh berries and creamy buttery goodness—strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, coconut, and a hint of orange zest. 🍓🌟 Layers of condensed milk, cinnamon, baked vanilla, and more create a dessert sensation that's simply irresistible. 🌈✨


Our wax melts are the epitome of indulgence, filled with premium fragrance oils that are phthalate-free and cruelty-free. 🕯️ Plus, our clamshell molds are crafted from PET plastic, ensuring they're highly crack-resistant, heat-resistant, and recyclable—so you can enjoy guilt-free luxury! ♻️

Each melt holds 2.5 ounces of heavenly soy blended wax, releasing tantalizing scents that last for days with just 1-2 cubes. 🔥 Whether you're creating a flame-free oasis at home or simply obsessed with your wax warmer, our wax melts are the ultimate must-have for fragrance enthusiasts! ✨

Wax Melt Details

*A soy wax blend made from approximately 52% soy and 48% paraffin
*Highly Scented and Long Lasting (2 cubes can last a couple of days)
*High Quality Fragrance Oils
*100% Cruelty-Free
*Hand poured with tons of love

*CA Prop 65 Compliant

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