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420 Special Gift Set

420 Special Gift Set

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🌿✨ Get ready to unwind with our limited-edition set—no harmful chemicals, just pure relaxation! Say hello to our "Half Baked" candle and "Kush Flower" room sprays. 🕯️🌸

If you're a fan of the Half Baked car diffuser scent, you'll love our 7oz all natural soy candle—it's the exact replica, with creamy coconut milk blended with herbaceous and leafy cannabis. 🥥💨

And introducing Kush Flower, our mini 2oz Room Spray! 🌷💨 Indulge in the sophisticated fragrance of strong cannabis smoke, complemented by fragrant tulip bud and luxurious suede for an opulent depth. Plus, warm amber at the base ensures a comforting, long-lasting finish. 🌟💫

Disclaimer: This product does NOT contain any actual cannabis, hemp, THC or CBD. This is only a synthetic fragrance oil by a similar name.




7oz all natural soy candle with a cotton wick. Approximately 40-60 hours of burn time. Our candles are made in Los Angeles and are free of toxin, paraffin, paraben, prop 65 warnings, phthalate, and cruelty-free.



If you want to maximize the burning time, always trim the wick to 1/8'' (3mm).

  • • Keep candle free of any foreign materials including matches and wick trimmings.
  • • When not in use, place your candle away from direct sunlight and nearby heat sources.
  • • Only burn the candle on a level, fire resistant surface.
  • • Do not burn decorative candle for more than 2 hours at a time.
  • • To prevent possible heat damage on the jar, you should always stop using the candle when there is only 1/4'' of wax left.
  • • Once you are done with your candle, it is time to clean your jar and reuse it! Our jars has been thoughtfully designed has a multifunctional piece for your home that can be used for your plants, storing stationeries, hair accessories & so much more!



  • • RO/DI Water, DEG Monobuytl Ether, Antioxidants, Natural Odor Absorbing Enzymes
  • Infused with odor eliminating technology to encapsulate and eliminate foul back odors
  •  Perfect for air care and/or linens and upholstery 
  •  VOC-Free
  •  Non-Toxic
  •  Biodegradable and Eco-friendly
  •  Contains the safe, non-toxic and cosmetic grade preservative. No additional preservatives required. 
  •  DPG-free, Alcohol-free
  •  Phthalate-free, Paraben-free
  •  California Prop 65 compliant
  •  Vegan-friendly and Cruelty-free
  •  All products are filled by weight not


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