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Sweater Weather Wax Melt Collection

Sweater Weather Wax Melt Collection

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Welcome to the Sweater Weather Collection...

because who needs actual sweaters when you've got the ol' nostrils doing the cozy work? It's a fragrance fiesta, my friends, carefully crafted for anytime you want that warm hug vibe without the hassle of squeezing into a chunky knit. We've got six sweater wax melts on deck, randomly picked like the last snack in the variety pack. You get hit with the sweet aroma of vanilla, cinnamon, and a dash of "I'm too lazy to put on real pants" ambiance. So, ditch the wool, embrace the smells, and let your nose be the trendsetter. Who needs a wardrobe update when you've got a fragrance lineup that's basically a cozy Netflix marathon for your olfactory senses? A great gift for those who love candles or wax melts!

This is not a sampler pack, its a collection. Each sweater weighing at 1.2 ounces, a little less than the normal snap bars wax melts that weighs at 1.7 ounces. They may be too big for some wax warmer, so its recommended that you break them to fit.

Please pick up to 6 options listed below in your notes before placing an order. IF there is no note, then it will be dealers choice. If some scents become "out of stock", we will inform you to pick another.

Please read scents and description carefully before buying!!



Cashmere Cocoa Butter - Coconut, Amber, Jasmine, Cocoa Butter, Cedar Wood, Musk

Sweater Weather - Mint, Apple, Peach, Musk, Moss (OUT OF STOCK)

Cashmere Sugar - White Jasmine, Pink Peppercorn, Golden Amber, Soft Cotton, Cashmere Musk

Christmas Past - Lily of the Valley, Wild Jasmine, Black Chokeberry, Strawberry, Woodsy Musk, Tonka Bean, Patchouli

Crandberry Pumpkin - Cranberry, Pumpkin, Vanilla Bean (OUT OF STOCK)

Iced Vanilla Wood - Vanilla, Lavender, Smokey Wood

Flannel - Bergamot, Warm Spice, Heirloom Mahogany, Woods, Sweet Vanilla

Winter Berry - Snowcapped Ozone, Cinnamon, Soft Blonde Woods, Rich Currants

Sherlock’s Study - Rosewood, Worn Leather, Cedar, Dark Tonka, Patchouli, Sandalwood (OUT OF STOCK)

Black Amber + Lavender - Lavender, Black Amber, Eyptian Musk, Tonka Bean

Love SpellRed Apple Blossom, Peach Nectar, Jasmine, Hydrangea, Coconut Milk, Powder, Lily of the Valley, Vanilla, White Musk


Wax Melt Details
*A soy wax blend made from approximately 52% soy and 48% paraffin
*Highly Scented and Long Lasting
*High Quality Fragrance Oils
*100% Cruelty-Free
*Hand poured with tons of love
*Biodegradable glitter



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BriAnna Willis
Sweater Collection

My husband ordered me the sweater collection and Christmas past is the absolute best!!!!