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Holiday Squeeze Wax

Holiday Squeeze Wax

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Get ready to jingle all the way because our Holiday Squeeze Wax has landed, and it's about to sleigh your senses! These scents are like Santa's secret weapon, kickstarting your Christmas season with more cheer than a herd of reindeer. Who says it's too early for holiday vibes? Dive into the festive spirit with scents that'll turn your home into a warm and nostalgic wonderland. It's like a holiday hug for your nose—because why wait when you can make your space smell like the North Pole on a cozy, scented sleigh ride!

Made with 100% soy wax/food grade oils and 2 times the fragrance of normal wax melts. 4 oz. pouch. A little goes a long way! No touching the wax with your hands, just squeeze desired amount into wax melter! Easy cleanup, just wipe away! The color and consistency for each item may vary.

***This is not food, please do not consume***

 Scents & Descriptions:


Santa's Snacks: Our new popular scent coming from our Skull Car Diffuser collection. Imagine the tempting scent of warm sugar cookies straight from the oven, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and colorful sprinkles. It's like a bakery symphony with the sweet addition of malted cocoa.

Elf: Indulge in the cozy embrace of gooey caramel, perfectly complemented by the delightful duo of maple and rum. It's a warm blend that's downright delicious.

Rudolph: Experience the holiday spirit in a blend that captures the essence of the season—bold peppermint, refreshing spearmint, sweet cane sugar, vanilla, small hints of chocolate, and sugared milk come together for a smooth, creamy accord. It's a guarantee to spread holiday cheer wherever you wander! 

Krampus: Immerse yourself in a tranquil blend of smoked cedar and oud embers, complemented by warm notes of clove, cedarwood, and spearmint over a base of patchouli and amber. This inviting holiday mix adds a touch of spicy cinnamon, bayberry, and hints of orange zest for an extra dose of warmth. 

Snowman: Embrace fall with Crisp Autumn Night—a perfect blend of bright citrus, spices, and cozy notes like amber, leather, and musk. It's like wandering through a year-round Christmas shoppe, surrounded by the scent of fresh-cut trees, festive garland, and winter fruits. 

Mean One: Get into the holiday spirit with this lively citrus punch! Fresh lime sherbet, lemon zest, and frozen neroli blossoms are topped off with sweet orange crystals for a festive celebration.

Hello Santa: Attention cheesecake lovers! Sinfully delicious, velvety blend of creamy pumpkin, tart cranberries, subtle spices, vanilla, and cream cheese is oh so rich and decadent. This creates a unique Fall fragrance


Wax Details:
*100% Soy Wax
*Highly Scented and Long Lasting
*High Quality Fragrance Oils
*100% Cruelty-Free
*Hand poured with tons of love
**Better for use in electronic warmers only**


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Judy Avalos

Smells so yummy I can almost taste it! 😋